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What are the necessary trainings and learnings for the development of our intelligent mind?

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Table of contents

We have already said that the development of the intelligent mind requires learning. Without following the path of intelligence, we can not expect to achieve it, and this path passes only through the path of intelligent learning!

On the other hand, intelligence (as we define it) and its education have not been a subject of concern for human beings. Rather, even the existing education focus on the growth of routine life and the achievement of an ideal and prosperous routine life.

But there is no need to worry. Because now the intelligent mind and its educational pattern are fully formed. We can use this pattern to grow our intelligence and grow our intelligent minds.

In the book Reconstruction of the Intelligent Mind 3 I mentioned in the educational path for the development of the intelligent mind.

The intelligent mind training path consists of seven basic sections.

1. Learning the basics of intelligence:

Without learning the basics of intelligence, we can not expect to be intelligent. Everything has principles and rules. So is intelligence. Learning and understanding these basics is so important that if you do all the other parts but have not received and understood the basics of intelligence, you will practically go in the opposite direction of intelligence. These basics are explored in the Zero to Third Intelligent Mind Reconstruction books and several other books. Similarly, these principles are discussed in detail in the intelligent Mind Factory training course.

2. Skills growth:

After establishing the foundations of intelligence, you need to plan for skill growth in various fields. We talk about all aspects of skill development in detail at the intelligent Mind Factory training.

3. Insight and vision growth:

One of the basic topics that helps intelligence growth is vision growth. But few pay attention to this vital part. In the intelligent mind training model, insight takes precedence over skill, and before skill development, we must achieve insight growth. Learning and understanding the basics of intelligence is one of the basic insights we need to achieve. We talk more about the details of vision growth at the intelligent Mind Factory courses.

4. Development of mental abilities:

ten mental abilities, one of the powerful tools in increasing the speed and quality of your intelligence. Intelligence (as its defined between people) and creativity are some of these capabilities. We will talk about these capabilities in general and briefly during the intelligent Mind Factory period and show the audience the path of their growth.

5. Development of Basic Thinking Skills Based on thinking Engineering:

Thinking skills are among the skills that few people have learned. But it is more obligatory for every human being than basic needs. Thinking in the model of thinking engineering has special conditions that we must always consider. Comprehensiveness, general and detailed view, system, internal troubleshooting, etc.) We will talk about these skills in detail in the course of the intelligent Mind Factory.

6. Having a daily intelligence growth plan:

Each intelligent person sets a plan for his own intelligence growth, based on the previous sections mentioned. Because he knows he has to feed his intelligence on a daily basis. We have published this program as a separate product called Daily Intelligence Growth Guidelines.

7. Returning to the principles of intelligence and implementing it at every moment:

After following the path of intelligence and its complete learning, as well as strengthening the foundations of skills and insight, it is necessary to judge our lives according to the principles of intelligence at every moment. At this point, intelligence will guide our lives moment by moment. Any activity without considering the rules of intelligence will be a harmful activity even if we do not understand it at the moment.

Now, with the above steps in mind, I will share with you the most important topics you need to learn in the path of intelligence:

  • Suppressed intelligence and a unique way to activate it
  • How does the mechanical mind work and how has it become the enemy of your progress?
  • How do the capitalists and rulers of the world, by abusing your mechanical mind, fill their pockets with money and plan your behavior and standards of living?
  • How do we control the mechanical mind?
  • Why are targeting trainings wrong?
  • How to implement intelligent growth in our lives?
  • How Do the Greatest Success Instructors Suppress Your Intelligence?
  • What are the illusory patterns of success and growth and why are they so prevalent?
  • How can we overcome our mental limitations without being inadvertently caught up in new limitations (like what many courses do with your mind?)
  • What are the seven basic steps of leading ourselves and others, and how do we establish them in ourselves? You will learn all its needs in this course.
  • How did the lies that were instilled in you about self-knowledge and self-awareness take you away from your reality?
  • How to increase the value of your personality every moment?
  • What are the six dimensions of smart growth and what are the components of each?
  • What is the unique growth plan of the six aspects of intelligent growth?
  • How do we break down the boundaries of our current personality and how does true personality development occur?
  • 7 Basic Skills of Intelligent Thinking
  • How do we plan for our physical health and how do we overcome our physical limitations?
  • What are the basic aspects of mental development and why were we unaware of them?
  • How does the intelligent Mental Development Program change the quality of your life?
  • What are mental patterns and how do we reconstruct them?
  • How did the intelligence and happiness of thousands of learners disappear after receiving misconceptions about belief and its role in life?
  • How to think useful and critically? What is the intelligent mind method for developing intelligent thinking? (Critical thinking once and for all)
  • How can we escape the trap of the illusion of growth and the illusion of knowledge in order to preserve our capital and generate huge profits for us?
  • How do we cultivate basic thinking in ourselves? Why haven’t we learned basic thinking yet?
  • After establishing basic thinking, how do we become an intellectual strategist?
  • Without a system of analysis, the best training will increase your ignorance. What if you received the wrong training!
  • On what basis should we plan for training? Is any training correct? Is any training in our favor? What are false trainings and how were they spread?
  • How does the growth of the intelligent mind contribute to the growth of our intelligent relationships?
  • The lie of subconscious programming and its intelligent alternative: programming reactions
  • 7 basic steps to reach our true place in the world
  • 14 Success and Management Strategies That Make Your intelligent Growth Faster.
  • How can we go beyond thinking about ourselves and others?
  • How do we plan our thinking to solve complex problems?
  • How to start your own intelligent business?

Each of these topics is actually the general title of one or more sessions of the course, and each may have many sub-topics. For example, 14 management and success strategies are 5 to 7 sessions. The seven intelligent thinking skills are similarly 7 to 10 training and skill sessions.


Of course, do not forget that after the formation of the basics of intelligence in your mind, the overall puzzle for the formation of each new training is formed, and after that you will no longer be confused. There are many topics that may not be related to each other in appearance, but understanding the intelligence system helps to determine the relationship between these topics well.

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