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Two different ways of learning, the fish or fishing?

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Table of contents

the difference between the intelligent mind training method and other training methods.

In this article, I want to tell you a fundamental difference between the intelligent mind training method and other training methods.

A huge difference between the intelligent mind method and other methods in the area of ​​personality development, relationships, business and other issues is:

The results that you get in the usual methods for a subject have different level of benefits or losses. For example, when you take a course to improve your relationships with others and use its techniques and methods, at best, it will only improve your relationships. You may say to yourself that this was our goal from the beginning. But in the eyes of the intelligent mind, the story is different. And of course, the benefit we said is at its best mode. Many times you may come to the opposite conclusion or new and deeper troubles. Many times it may have worse results for you in the future.

How to understand this point?

Of course, it should be noted that these points can not be understood unless we are familiar with the structure of the mind and thinking.

So in the first method, the opposite and harmful results are one of the possibilities because there is no exact criterion for measuring these methods and these methods are based on trial and error. At best, which is unlikely, the result we were looking for will be formed.

Let’s move on to the second method, the method of learning in the intelligent mind.

There are some fundamental differences in the method of the intelligent mind.

We continue with the same example of improving relationships. When you grow your relationships with the intelligent mind method, not only will your relationships improve and you can be sure of the outcome and analyze all the relevant issues well, but the methods and issues you learn will also grow your mind and thinking power!

Same development happens with other subjects.

How important this is?

You may be wondering how important this really is. However, if you are well acquainted with yourself and your mind, you will automatically realize its importance.

In this way, you actually benefit from 2 sides. Your problems will be solved and your mind will grow, and in this way you have invested in your mind. According to the intelligent mind method, since your intelligent mind is the most important dimension of your existence, you need to pay the most attention to it and constantly develop it. So with this learning method, you will find an opportunity to nurture your intelligent mind.

Another difference!

Another difference is the extent to which the content and techniques are correct or incorrect. When you learn a technique by the method of the intelligent mind, you have a scale and a criterion to determine whether the technique is right or wrong, useful or harmful.

Many of the techniques that are currently being taught are experimental techniques that, after a while, will determine that they were wrong and what problems they might cause you. But in the intelligent mind method, you consciously learn each technique and know what effect it will have on you. That is, you get a broad and complete view of each technique and each training. You can discover the positive and negative yourself, and finally, what is the best way to implement it?

In a nutshell.

In short, the power of analysis and insight that you gain in the method of the intelligent mind is based on the basis of your life, that is, your mind and thinking. No pattern can go against this pattern and be useful to you at the same time.

So when you get this weapon, you can be more confident in your path and your growth rate will be very high in this way.

Beware of the overcrowding of your life. It is in these moments that you will lose the main issues. That is yourself

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