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Don’t lose your precious time with wrong education and learning

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dont lose your time with wrong learning

Table of contents

One of our most valuable assets in this world is our time. But how much time do we have to waste to learn how to use our time properly? How much do we have to lose to figure out how to use it?

There are thousands of books and courses. How do we know what book and what course?

One of my biggest sadness was when I came across so many books and courses, and when I saw the content of these books and courses, I was very upset because they were just a waste of time. No valuable content was found in them and only one book like many other books.

There is a lot of yellow and harmful content in the field of personal growth and development. Even more than useful contents. I did a lot of research at book fairs, took various training courses, and found that most of this content was worthless. However, to understand that something is worthless, we must first understand what is valuable. I said to myself, I wish I had never read those books and attended those courses. And how much time I lost in this way. I was very jealous of this because I had realized the value of time. This regret does not end with books and training courses. Even school time and the time I spent at school and university are considered wasted time.

But on the other hand, if these courses were of no use to me, they would explain at least one thing. And that is how I understood what everyone was saying and what their level of awareness and knowledge was. So now I can more easily criticize that opinion or that person and claim why that person’s content is destroying my mind and yours. Of course, not all, but most of them. Good content is also rarely found.

It does not matter that I am a researcher and the content I have gained over the years is much more valuable and profound than what is presented in the courses, however I have attended and continue to attend many courses to determine where I am at. I have taken many courses at home and abroad, and I am familiar with the educational content of most of the courses about personal growth and improvement, thinking and success.

If I want to tell you one thing from all the courses I have attended, it is this: If you are looking for a real profit, learn to discover the best and focus on the best.

How to reach the best?

You definitely need an intelligent mind to discover the best. The intelligent mind needs to grow and must grow. We humans were not and are not intelligent. Intelligence is learnable and not inherited. And if we have not learned intelligence but think that we are smart, there is no more meaning than one thing and you guess that …

Why aren’t courses similar to the intelligent Mind being taught yet?

The intelligent Mind course is a completely innovative course and the result of more than 18 years of research in various scientific and educational fields. The main purpose of this research was to discover the golden formula of real growth, progress and happiness. A formula that frees man from the shackles of illusory and repressive knowledge of intelligent personality. It is natural that such a comprehensive training course will not be formed until such research is done. We can boldly claim that this course is not taught, not only in the country but also anywhere in the world. Because its knowledge has not yet been formed. Mehdi Hakim, the inventor and instructor of this course, teaches this knowledge in three languages ​​and follows and examines all existing researches in this field.

You may be wondering if such a thing is possible?

Can we achieve something in the Third World that has not yet been achieved in developed countries? do they know anything other than imitating and copying others content?

In answer to this question, two points can be briefly mentioned.

First, any human being who follows the right path in his education will certainly succeed and be creative and can be a producer instead of imitating.

Second, advanced industrialized countries have advanced only in mechanical life, and lack of intelligence is still one of their greatest social and psychological problems. Their success in technology does not mean happiness and intelligence. Because Western philosophy has so far immersed man in mechanical life, and their rulers have a very serious plan to suppress the intelligence of their own people and other countries.

As you can see, our approach is completely different, and the main purpose of this training is not just to earn money. Rather, we pursue much higher and smarter goals. Money is not the most valuable thing we can get from these trainings, and if the goal was really to get rich, there would be easier and better ways, and we would not have to spend 18 years to form this knowledge and energy and other extravagant expenses.

How much is the smart mind training course worth?

Let’s find out more about my costs on achieving an intelligent mind:

One of the things that makes it possible for us to evaluate the price of something is to understand its true value. For example, suppose you want to buy a glass for 10 dollars. If you want to produce the same glass yourself, you may have to spend 100 dollars. So paying 10 dollars for that glass is logical. Why? Because it will save you 90 dollars and you will reach your goal.

Now, if I were to tell you that you would acquire the knowledge and skills of this course yourself by following the path I have taken over a long period of time, you might give up on pursuing it at all. Why? Because the cost is very high.

15 years of the best years of life

Choosing harder tasks than easier tasks and thus not enjoying many moments

Material costs for various trainings such as courses and multiple books (up to $ 50,000 over 15 years. Of course, this money belongs to a time when everything was cheap. If you count on the current price, you need to increase this cost tenfold )

Hard and tedious program (up to 15 hours of study a day)

Stress caused by choosing a different path in life, especially from those around you and the community

And many other big and small expenses

Humans usually do not choose such a cost because of its difficulties. Of course, I do not agree that we prefer comfort to hardship, but if we can get all this experience and knowledge at a lower cost, why not?

You can achieve all these experiences at a very low cost in this course and other courses in thinking engineering and endure very little hardship, but instead make a priceless profit.

If they tell me now that we will give you ten or a hundred billion dollars, but your current knowledge will be lost, I will definitely not accept it. Because the value of the knowledge I gained can not be exchanged for any money at all, and in my opinion it is the highest and most valuable thing I can get.

So if your choice is not to be armed with this knowledge with these conditions and low cost, there will be nothing in common and the practical result will be only to spend a lot of money and other expenses in the future.

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