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Two different methods for development. Very slow and low efficiency, very fast and high efficiency

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Table of contents

What makes you grow and prosper in life? Think about this question right now. Thinking about such questions will automatically make you progress, and if you have never asked yourself such questions, then you are probably trying to walk on a rope between two mountains with your eyes closed.

One of the problems people have is not asking themselves such important and decisive questions.

Now back to the question. What makes us progress in life? Some may say that the experience we gain over time. Yes. Experience can help us grow. But have you ever wondered how long the experience takes time you? Maybe ten years or twenty years! Some experiences even more!

But what most people are unaware of is that the same experience can be achieved in a much shorter time, about a week or a month.

Isn’t that better? Less time and more experiences! But how is that possible?

With the ability of deep thinking and building an inner experience for yourself, you can achieve many experiences; And you will most likely achieve experiences that are not achievable in ordinary experience! It may seem strange to you. But such a thing is possible. However, achieving it requires a certain path.

Let’s make a simple comparison between the two methods.

If each experience takes ten years, you must spend a hundred years to learn ten experiences and ten life lessons!

But one question! When will you have the opportunity to use these experiences when there is no time left?

On the other hand, if you achieve the ability of deep and precise thinking, you will not only gain a thousand years of knowledge and awareness in a short time, but you can implement many of them in your life and have a different and enjoyable experience.

On the other hand, as soon as you can gain the necessary experiences and knowledge much faster, it will change the course of your life, behavior and thoughts, and these new changes will put new and different paths and experiences in front of your feet. Experiences you may never have. Experiences that others may not have too.

In the same way, new knowledge and experiences will give you the opportunity to form new and different experiences and knowledge.

Think more deeply about it!

If you pay attention to the first method, low-level and time-consuming experiences will not have the power to make this new change and change the course of your life. Even these experiences lose their effectiveness over time.

A mechanical human being trusts only in his own imperfect experiences. Experiences that become obsolete and ineffective over time. These experiences can create new problems for this person. It goes without saying that the mechanical mind likes the first method. Because the first method is one of the basic features of the mechanical mind. Because the mechanical mind has no motivation to progress. It is natural that he does not look for the optimal way of progress.

If you look closely, you will see that there is a big difference between the two ways of progressing in life and they are not comparable in any way.

An intelligent person chooses the second way to follow the path of his life. It is natural that walking this path requires learning, and the development of the intelligent mind happens with this goal exactly.

Your intelligent mind is the tool that helps you gain a lot of deep experience in a very short time. Your intelligent mind that enables you to use the second method and make the most of your life.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the two methods of development together.

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