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Can you hope for the activation and growth of your intelligent mind?

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Table of contents

In other articles we talked about the two human minds. Mechanical mind and intelligent mind. And we said that humans move on with their mechanical minds.

On the other hand, every human being has an intelligent mind that must be developed. Developing an intelligent mind requires proper nutrition. But just because someone has the potential to develop an intelligent mind does not mean that it will happen.

 we cannot hope for the activation of the intelligent mind of all human beings.

Why? We will examine the reason in the following.

The first basic condition for activating your intelligent mind is your choice. That means you have to choose to activate your intelligent mind. This choice has various consequences. Among other things, you need to distance yourself a little from the mechanical mind and its behaviors and demands.

This is where many people are unwilling to change their behavior. It is natural that the next results will not be formed.

Activating the intelligent mind requires competence.

An interesting point. Many people who become acquainted with the intelligent mind idea, quickly try to find signs that they are intelligent. Unaware that this behavior is a mechanical mind and they do not realize that with this behavior, they prove more themselves mechanical.

The human being, who is at least at the beginning of the path of intelligence, has understood one thing well: there is no such thing as intelligence unless he follows the path of intelligence. And since no path to intelligence is usually defined in life, he automatically knows that his intelligent mind has not yet been activated. With the difference that he knows that he must follow the path of intelligence consciously and intelligently, and his choice is based on that. Unlike the mechanical man who only seeks to deceive himself so he wont bother to try as he sees fit. Therefore, seeing the slightest sign of intelligence within himself, he assumes himself to be intelligent and needless to follow the path of intelligence.

I need to point out that it is not possible to distinguish intelligence with one or more signs, because intelligence is a complete system and pattern that we need to know the whole and determine the intelligence of others based on it. While no one knows this system. To understand this better, search for the system and its meaning.

Of course, if you pay close attention, you will realize that such a person may not become intelligent so soon. Because with such behavior, it moves further and further away from the path of intelligence. This model of people is not small, you may even see such examples among professionals, specialists, consultants, teachers and professors. One of the greatest problems of human society is that those who must have been intelligent in order to contribute to the intelligence of others are themselves trapped in the illusion of superiority and the illusion of knowledge.

So we realized that not everyone succeeds in activating their intelligent mind. Especially if he has not followed this path and deceives himself that he is intelligent already.

What are the conditions for the activation and growth of the intelligent mind?

Activation and growth of the intelligent mind first of all requires competence. These competencies have nothing to do with your level of education and expertise.

On the other hand, this competence is not due to your need for intelligence. If you pay close attention, all human beings need their own intelligence and intelligent mind development. But need is not enough.

You may ask, why does everyone, without exception, need to learn this intelligence from scratch? The reason is simple. Intelligence can never be created without following its path. And this path is an educational and mental path. On the other hand, there has been no training to develop intelligence and activate the intelligent mind. So it is natural that no one is trained in this field. Of course, my claim is not that no one is really intelligent. But its ratio is very, very low. Something like one in a few million people. We have said before that studying (in the current academic way) does not lead to intelligence. So take the experts and professors (in any field) out of the circle of intelligence unless they have taken the path of intelligence independently.

How do we discover that we deserve to grow our intelligent minds?

We said that first of all, your choice is a basic condition for the growth of the intelligent mind, and this choice will bring results.

Naturally, such a choice is not simple. If it were simple, there would be no need for your awareness and justification to take this path. So this choice requires seriousness and perseverance.

The other part of the conditions is the allocation of a certain amount of time for intelligent activities.

Just as your mechanical mind is being nourished every day, so your intelligent mind needs attention and nourishment. If you claim that you are interested in growing your intelligent mind but are not willing to spend time and money on it, then your claim is false.

The development of an intelligent mind should be your concern. If this concern is formed for you, everything that happens to you will lead to the growth of your intelligent mind. If you are concerned about the growth of your intelligent mind, whatever happens to you, your mind will try to find useful things and food for its own growth. Of course, as long as you have entered this route and you have fixed the initial bricks correctly.

Your mental concern for the growth of the intelligent mind leads to mental effort. You know for a fact that without effort, nothing will happen and nothing will change.

The next thing is to spend money on your smart mind. Just as you pay for the mechanical mind and its nourishment, you must to spend on your intelligent mind. You provide food, shelter, comfort, and many other daily needs for your mechanical mind. How is it that when it comes to the intelligent mind that is the essence of your being, you are not willing to spend anything? You need to dedicate part of your daily budget to the intelligent mind.

Wait, the conditions are not over.

The points made so far are the initial conditions. But there are more important conditions that I will explain now.

To understand this part, you need to have a good understanding of past descriptions of the mechanical mind.

Your mechanical mind is a weight that tries to pull your behaviors, choices, and thoughts toward itself and its desires. By pressuring you, he wants you to do what he wants you to do. That’s why it creates different emotions for you. Including feelings of hunger, thirst, tiredness or cheerful.

Some demands of the mechanical mind are vital and they are a few. The rest of our desires have grown over time as the mechanical mind has grown, and the demands of the mechanical mind have grown from you. Such as laziness, boredom, lack of concentration and …

Your intelligent mind is the exact opposite of many of the behaviors of your mechanical mind. And for the development of your intelligent mind, you need to gradually distance yourself from the many desires and behaviors of the mechanical mind. So the next condition is formed according to these explanations.

Your mechanical mind has created many wrong and limiting ideas and thoughts for you without you realizing it. So your effort should be to break these molds and mechanical thoughts and not try to protect them unnecessarily so that they do not change.

Improper learning system and life style

You should also realize that improper learning and lifestyle have led to the growth of your mechanical mind and the suppression of your intelligent mind. So be prepared to erase the false learning of the past. Of course, this is not an easy task, but in the intelligent mind method, this happens very quickly and professionally. Do not worry. It is enough to do the previous conditions correctly.

according to the lifestyle and the way you learn, many misconceptions and methods have formed in your mind. So you need to be prepared to question these beliefs and methods so that new and powerful methods and beliefs can replace false and mechanical beliefs.

In this article, I will explain this in detail “with This technique, you are armed with a weapon more powerful than beliefs.”

Last condition:

The last condition for activating your intelligent mind is to do accurate and regular intelligent growth exercises. How accurately you perform these exercises determines how much your intelligent mind changes and grows. (In the books of the intelligent mind and the course of the intelligent mind factory, this path and its exercises are discussed in detail)

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