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what different things will happen to us With the growth of the intelligent mind?

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Table of contents

Man and his two minds:

According to the theory of the intelligent mind, every human being has two minds. Mechanical mind and intelligent mind.

Until now, all human focus has been on his own mechanical mind, unaware of the existence of the intelligent mind.

It is natural that neglecting the existence of this mind will cause not taking any action to grow and use it. As it has happened so far.

With the advent of intelligent mind theory, this trend can change and human beings can develop their intelligent minds.

You may be wondering what the importance of an intelligent mind is. What will happen if we do not develop our intelligent mind? Why do we need to grow our intelligent minds?

The answer to these questions depends on accurate and sufficient knowledge about the mechanical mind.

If anyone knows the mechanical mind and its limited and limiting properties, he will realize that not only he cant rely on the mechanical mind to achieve success and a high quality of life, but relying on this mind will lead to very bad events.

We see many of these events around us every day! But because of these epidemics, we do not pay attention to it.

This lack of attention is one of the characteristics of the mechanical mind. The mechanical mind does not see what it does not want and denies it.

Some features of the mechanical mind:

I will share some features of the mechanical mind with you to realize the defect and the need to replace it in life.

  1. Thinking limited to survival
  2. Lack of interest in growth and development
  3. Focus on avoiding only dangers
  4. Creating a feeling based on survival
  5. Irrational judgment
  6. Judgment based on sensory experience
  7. Importance to the moment
  8. Lack of foresight
  9. Lack of planning ability
  10. Coward
  11. Bored
  12. Bad morals
  13. Lack of ability to recognize facts and illusions
  14. Poor insight due to sense-base thinking
  15. Not accepting advice
  16. Lack of trust in anything but emotions
  17. Relying on incomplete judgments
  18. Stubborn
  19. Lack of ability to distinguish right from wrong
  20. Absolute confidence in his own experiences
  21. Assuming his own limited experiences the only correct experience
  22. Not worrying about the rightness and wrongness of his own experiences
  23. Choosing the wrong paths often
  24. Despite having eyes, he is blind because images alone are not enough to draw conclusions!

The story does not end here!

These are the most important features of a mechanical mind, but the story does not end there.

All the problems you see around you come from this mind. All the misery, weakness, oppression and everything bad that you know is born of this mind.

Most likely, you have not been aware of this issue so far. it is normal. Because you did not know that there is such a thing as an intelligent mind that can solve all these problems and create special and different events for us. So man has continued to live with the same mechanical mind.

The brain alone is not enough to analyze complex problems and it needs new patterns and criteria. But a mechanical human being analyzes by the same simple criteria of the brain that almost always leads to wrong conclusions without realizing it.

this was only half way. But what is the alternative and cure for the mechanical mind? Without understanding the intelligent mind, there will be no solution for the mechanical mind except the apparent change in mechanical behaviors and further immersion in the mechanical personality. That is what is happening more and more today. Especially in many training courses.

What is the intelligent mind?

The intelligent mind is another dimension of human existence that can shape different thoughts, behaviors, and personalities. The mechanical mind and the intelligent mind are two weights that raise and lower the scales of your life. This means that if your mechanical mind weighs more than your intelligent mind, your life will take on a mechanical character. And the more you immerse yourself in your mechanical personality, the harder and more unattainable it will be for you to understand and reach the intelligent mind.

The intelligent mind is a mind that has acquired a broad awareness of itself and its surroundings and has the power to discern and choose the best. And this feature is not confined to time and space. Unlike the mechanical mind which is heavily confined to time and space and the present moment.

Each mind is fed individually and in a certain way. You feed your mechanical mind every day, and you probably miss out on intelligent mind feeding. Without constant and proper nutrition, your intelligent mind will perish as your body perishes.

So far it has been clear that we need to activate our intelligent minds to treat the problems posed by the mechanical mind. How to activate the smart mind is another topic that you can read in the books of rebuilding the intelligent mind. But in this article I want to talk about the changes that activate the intelligent mind for you.

What is the benefit of activating the intelligent mind for us?

Given the explanations about the intelligent mind, you certainly do not expect its benefits to be limited to a few. The benefits of activating the intelligent mind can be divided into four categories so that we can better understand these changes.

Level 1 changes: The simplest and lowest benefits of intelligent mind development include the following:

Increase focus, control emotions, strengthen memory, change negative emotions, get rid of negative memories of the past, communicate effectively with others, strengthen creativity, manage thoughts, change negative beliefs, create new and powerful habits, manage and use time efficiently and Such advantages

Second Level Changes: Increased accuracy, increased intelligence, increased analytical ability, improved critical thinking, the growth of ideation, and Such advantages are at the second level of changes made by the intelligent mind.

Third level changes: growth of thinking ability and conscious and intelligent choosing, creation of new opportunities, growth of strategic vision, growth of strategic management and strategic planning, changing from the level of being condemned to the situation to the level of ruling it, rapid growth of skills, growth of learning ability, The development of fundamental thinking skills as well as strategic thinking skills, peace of mind and such benefits are at the third level of change.

The fourth level of changes:

The changes of the three mentioned levels are mental and internal changes. If these changes are well formed, external changes will be easy for you. These changes are practical changes related to our daily lives. Physical health in various dimensions, effective and intelligent communication with others, business growth, income and optimal management of financial issues, the formation of a intelligent and strong personality and directing life in the best possible direction.

In this way, with the growth of the intelligent mind, your inner and hidden abilities will be activated and all the good events that you were looking for in your daily and meaningless life will come to you. Your intelligent and powerful mind will rule. The feeling of freedom, joy and power that is created for you by the growth of the intelligent mind is not comparable to ordinary and everyday life in any way, even if you do not have financial problems.

As Mahdi Hakim says: Rule your life and your world by dominating your mind.

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