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Three secrets to be super-successful: Interview with Mahdi Hakim

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Table of contents

What does success mean?

Every person’s success in life has different meanings and reasons.

We must first determine the type of success. Many successes in life are illusory. Successes that do not contribute to human growth are considered cross-sectional and illusory successes.

On the other hand, real successes are divided into two categories: low level and high level.

If you are looking for low level success, the solutions are also clear. Specific choices such as skill learning, effort, perception. We call this the path to success. The path to success requires such kind of choices.

But if you are looking for high level success, your choices should also be high level. I call this path the path to super-success. The path to super-success requires super-successful choices.

Another point is that the success of any person at any level is not the result of one factor. Rather, several factors came together to produce a particular result.

I will now talk to you about the three choices of super-success.

The first secret:

The first factor or the first secret is that I never waited for others. This means, I always tried to pursue myself, my own issues and needs, and to rely on myself, even if I needed the help of others. This choice and this behavior made me gradually, stronger and more self-sufficient and I was able to control my own situation. In the same way, the speed of my activities increased and I got results faster. This behavior continues. At the current level, I meet all my work and professional needs quickly, and the quality of the work I do for myself is much higher than the quality of what others are supposed to do for me.

I even had the power to build many solutions to various problems. Problems for which there is no definite solution.

The second secret:

The second factor and reason I want to share with you is: asking myself precise and important questions.

These questions guided me step by step and helped me discover important issues. Problems to which no one has ever answered.

And now I can say that I have a great skill in asking precise and basic questions which their answers can set important paths before us.

I use this technique to solve many problems in my life.

The third secret:

The third secret is that whenever I came across a subject or problem, instead of trying to solve the surface of the problem, I tried to discover and solve the deepest factor that created the problem. This in-depth look and effort to discover the deep and fundamental reasons helped me to discover important issues. Including thinking engineering.

An example:

Many ask themselves who I am and what I am. This is a question, but not everyone tries to reach the deepest point in their mind. But it was these kinds of questions that helped me discover thinking engineering. How did I meet this challenge?

I discovered that “me” means “my thinking”. And that was the beginning of the road for me, while for many it is the end of the road and their effort on this issue.

Likewise, I asked myself again, what is this thinking and where does it come from? And so I got to deeper layers.

These kinds of questions and trying to find the answers to them, helped me to find answers that are not easily found anywhere.

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