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discover the types of training courses before you learn And don’t risk your learning path

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Table of contents

First heads up!

Many courses not only not develop you, but also slow you down. They only use your weaknesses to fill their pockets with money. One of my greatest interests is development and education. I am really upset when I see trainers giving such nonsense to people in the name of education. But your duty is to be aware and destroy the market of these people by building your smart mind. Look for real, valuable training instead. Let’s take a look at different types of courses.

I Divide the courses into five categories.

There are a number of courses that are actually time consuming and providing the audience with fake and worthless content. Often the training of these courses is not only useless, but after a while it will pose a new problem for the audience. I always see many such trainers. In fact, the owners of these courses benefit from the public’s ignorance and weakness in distinguishing between right and wrong, and between useful and useless, and they instill a series of content in the audience’s mind. The audience is not aware of these details, and thinks that it takes valuable and useful content and accepts the thoughts of these people and, in fact, makes his life worse. The lower classes of society are attracted to these courses.

Important note: intelligence meaning in the intelligent mind curriculum is not intended for school and school intelligence. Rather, what is meant is a broad and accurate vision about all issues of life, and this vision requires a high technology that no curriculum or education has.

There are a number of courses that teach skills but are of very poor quality. The audience is really in pain and not learning the skill correctly and completely. Finally, a series of information is obtained about this skill (not the skill itself). Personally, I saw lots of these courses. They are not few.

There are a number of other courses that actually help to improve the audience’s life. These courses have both positive and negative aspects. I have not opened their case yet because it is not relevant now.

The best courses!

The best courses are in fact high-quality professional skills courses in addition to some valuable training courses that make a good difference to the audience. So training and learning alone may not help you grow. Instead, it can cause you a lot of problems on the way to your true growth without realizing it. This is where the intelligence growth of your intelligent mind itself appears and you can distinguish pure content from worthless content. One of the topics that we learn in detail in the intelligent mind course is how to distinguish between valuable content and non-valuable content in every aspect, even if it looks good. Even if it has a short-term impact. An intelligent person has a deeper and further look. Do not forget that the key to your life is the growth of your intelligent mind and smart character, which requires learning and focus. The curriculum in schools and universities has been designed to reflect exactly the intelligence, and in fact, it suppressed your intelligence without realizing it. Like a bird that grew up in a cage since childhood and does not know that it can fly.

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