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With this technique, you will be equipped with a more powerful weapon than beliefs.

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Table of contents

The tutorial video below can completely change the course of your life! You might think this is an unsupported claim. But in the model of the intelligent mind and thinking engineering, we are not allowed to do so, and we must be very careful and sensitive to our claims. We cant say or even believe anything without proof and strong support. But the important thing before watching this video is that your analytical and perceptual power can increase your perception and use of this video many times over.

The video is not ready so I wrote this article. The video is available in other languages.


What do you know about questions?

Hello. I am Mahdi Hakim, and in this educational video I will show you why the questions you ask yourself are more powerful than your beliefs thousands of times.

What do you have in mind about the question? What have you ever asked yourself? How much do you ask yourself? If you pay attention, now I have asked you a few questions that can change the course of your life.

But many people do not know this! They don’t know how powerful questions are if they are expressed from the depths of the mind. And the interesting thing is that you can do it. You can reach powerful questions and you can change the course of your life and its quality with these questions. But be aware that these questions should be YOUR questions. Not other people’s questions from you. When you ask yourself a question, the answer is yours and it will be valuable to you.

Three secrets to my success!

I have three special secrets to my success, one of them is this. “Questions I asked myself”. Questions that have changed the course of my life. What no education could do for me, the questions could.

It was the beginning of changing my path in life that I asked myself why I couldn’t understand my lessons in school. Especially math and physics.

Many were like me and had no proper understanding of their lessons. But what I did was to ask myself a question. And they didn’t. And the question I asked myself changed the direction of consciousness and knowledge and education altogether. Both my own training and the training of others. But those who have not asked themselves this question, continued their normal path and still have a completely normal life.

This was just a very simple example.

Now suppose you ask yourself hundreds of questions like this and look for the answers. Your life will definitely change.

Now an interesting point. This technique is just one of dozens of techniques that you will learn in a special and professional way in the training path of the intelligent Mind Factory. And each of those techniques is just as important and effective as this one that we are talking about right now.

Questions are more powerful than beliefs!

The questions you ask are so powerful that they even change your beliefs. Because when you don’t ask a question, you will not get a new answer and awareness.

When you ask, your mind does not calm down until it finds the answer. But this is not enough at all.

You need to know how to ask yourself a series of questions. And if you learn this well, your life path and level of success will change. You don’t have to know the answers to the questions. You Just need to know how to ask yourself a question.

And the thing that changed my life was these kind of questions that I didn’t know the answers to any of them, not anyone else.

Asking the right and smart way is a part of your intelligence and thinking system that you learn in detail in the intelligent mind factory course.

So the most important thing so far is to learn to ask ourselves questions. Neither one nor two, but as much as we can. Ask good questions. Questions that are important to answer. An important answer is that will changes important paths.

An example

Let me give you an example. If you don’t know how to make a delicious meal, there will be no problems in your life. And if you ask yourself such a question and get the answer, your life will not change. But if you ask yourself how my body works and discover the answer, your life will change. Your lifestyle, Your sleep, Your food will change. Even the simplest things, like your breathing, will change. And when these change, your behavior will change. Your relationships with others will change, and so does your business. Your mental function changes and many other things. And that was the only question that could change that. And this was one of the questions I asked myself. And all these changes happened to me.

As long as you don’t ask yourself questions, there are old beliefs that take over your life. And you may not be aware of these old and wrong beliefs but They are doing their job and moving your life as it is. It never gets better.

Questions are the beginning to change everything!

The question is the beginning of change. And the questions are so strong that they can change beliefs. Beliefs cannot stop questions. But questions can challenge beliefs and all other ideas. If you ask a good, accurate and correct questions, the answers you find will easily replace the old and destructive beliefs. So rather than worrying about your beliefs, worry about your questions.

And anyone who doesn’t know how to ask good, accurate, and precise questions, like it or not will receive destructive beliefs from others and the environment. As every day, many schools and fake courses sell destructive beliefs to others. And the one who is not equipped with the weapon of the question, surrenders to those people and those destructive thoughts. Maybe he doesn’t realize it himself. But after many years of living based on those destructive beliefs, he will looks behind him and sees how much he has lost and how much he has ruined his life because he did not know how to ask questions.

In the Questions section of the intelligent mind Factory course, we are confronted with several question of this model, and we will find the answers in the course itself.

What are the benefits of this model of questioning for you?

First of all, it makes you feel very good. The feeling that you are the one who determines the course of your life and not any other factor.

Secondly, your good feeling is continuous and permanent. Not short-term and cross-sectional. And whenever you feel bad, you use the same technique again to change how you feel.

Third, your critical thinking will grow. You do not accept everything easily and you can challenge others.

Fourth, it opens up opportunities in front of you that are hidden from others.

enough. What else do you want? You want more benefits?

Fifth. Your accuracy in various issues will increase and this accuracy will help you to get better results.

Sixth.  Asking a good question will make others to take you serious and give you credit and also not to try to dictate their own beliefs to you. Their attitude towards you also changes.

Seventh. Asking a good question will get you acquainted with higher level people and this will strengthen your communication a lot. In many places you are ahead of others and they are the ones who want to communicate with you.

Eighth. Asking the right question can save you a lot of money.

ninth. Since your choices are much better by asking questions, you will regret your choices less in the future.

These are just some benefits of the question technique.

These were just some of the benefits of learning this technique.

And I didn’t say much here. We learn everything about asking questions in the intelligent mind factory. And of course in a way that no one has taught you because they themselves have not learned. Anything you know about questioning will be challenged during this period, and you’ll find that those who even know a few things about it and claim that they are a master of it don’t actually know anything about it. Because they don’t know how to ask questions and copied their own techniques from others, especially from external sources. But the method I’m teaching you is based on the powerful method of thinking engineering. A method that took me years to discover.

This is questioning. But after asking questions, the question arises again as to how to answer our questions. If we don’t know how to find the answers to our questions correctly, we would come out of the hole and fall into the well!

Asking the right question increases the chances of getting the right answer.

Of course, if someone knows how to ask the right question, the chances of getting the right answer are very high. Because you systematically ask questions, and asking a systemic question will shape the integrity of your questions and answers. And so the chances of getting the wrong answers are much lower. On the other hand, whatever answer you get, you will ask lots of question about it to ensure that it is correct.

However, you will learn other techniques that will help you to get the best and the most accurate answers. Answers that you can use in life and increase the quality of your work and life much higher.

You’ve heard that understanding the question is half the answer. Anyone who doesn’t know how to ask questions will actually get himself into a swamp of bad questions, and a bad, unsystematic question will drag you into this swamp.

in a nutshell, your questions determine your level of thinking and success

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