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The greatest problem of all time that you didn’t notice and its solution

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Table of contents

How does our life continue today? Have you thought about that?

We all have small and big problems in life and we are involved with them. We may spend most of our time solving these problems.

Why do we lose most of our time? Because we focus on solving one problem. Then we go to another problem. Then another problem. And life goes on like this. After a few years, looking back, we don’t see anything special has happened in our lives. And while we were solving the problems of that moment, new problems were created at the same time. However, since we did not know some things, we ignored these problems and later they showed themselves.

One of the most important secrets of my success in life is that instead of solving problems directly, I tried to discover the roots of problems and curing these roots. Because I know that if the problem is not solved from the roots, its effects may disappear now, but then, it shows itself again, and this problem will definitely be bigger. Because if there is a problem, it means that it leaves its mark at any moment.

An example

Suppose someone suffers from a headache. The headache for ordinary people is the main problem on its own. Therefore this problem must be cured. What’s the solution? Strong pain reliever. After a few minutes, there is no sign of a headache. In this person’s perception, the problem was solved. Because he did not recognize the problem at all. What was the truth?

There was a virus in this person’s body that causes some problems in his lungs and a problem in his lungs has caused headaches. But taking painkillers did not kill the virus!

Meaning the main problem was not eliminated. And when the virus is still in the body, it still affects the body, but the person do not realize it.

When will he discover the main problem? When he encountered a respiratory problem. While this could be prevented. How was it possible? By discovering and correcting the problem from the root in the right time.

This was just one example.

Understanding our life correctly

Our life and the health of our lives are like our bodies. Just as our body has a system, so does our life. If we do not discover this system, it will not cause this system to act according to our desires.

I have provided these examples so that I can show you the main problem and the whole life problem. Just as the root of the problems is not easy  to discover, this problem is not seen. But it makes its mark.

But if we don’t recognize this problem and recognize it, what we talked about earlier will happen. After ten years, or twenty years, you look back and see that you have not progressed as you should had to!!!

So what is the problem?

What is the fundamental problem in our lives that people cannot see? Why people don’t see this problem?

This problem is not seen because stupidity disappears when it spreads. There is a problem and everyone is involved. But since everyone is involved, no one cares.

I call this problem routine life and death of intelligence (i.e. death of the intelligent mind).

Daily routine life is what makes you nothing in life. If you ask a routine person about his differences with the wall, he might not be able to tell the exact difference.

Delusional solutions to the problem of routine life

You might see some people realize that we should not be routine people. They offered a solution and said that you must have a job in life, develop in earning, and develop your relationships with others.

Yeah. This is also a solution. But as I said before, if the problem is not solved from the root, you will feel different for some time, but then you will have a bigger problem.

In fact, you should use the question technique: What is the root of routine life?

While the rest provides a solution directly and without using this technique. Of course, their solution is incomplete and inaccurate! This incomplete solution will eliminate some effects of routine life and not eliminate the problem itself.

This means that you will get better at your relationship. But do not pay attention, although you have trained, you have become routine in your relationships. your business will grow but, but your growth is routine and meaningless. Only its appearance has changed. Changing your appearance will keep you busy for a while until you realize that you have not changed the roots and the changes that have occurred are superficial and apparent.

So far, we have found that even new solutions cannot solve the problem at its root. In fact, we got out of the gap and fell into a well.

So let’s see what the main problem is again.

What is the root of all our problems?

The root of many of our problems is routine life. But routine life itself has its roots. We have to find and understand it.

You cannot think of someone who has a delusional development and restoring others words to you as a role model. the root problem will not be solved in this way.

The main problem is the lack of intelligent growth.

When we don’t grow smart, we get stuck in routine life and we will have very big problems. Physical problems, communication problems, mental and psychological problems, financial problems and many other problems.

Be aware that various training are now promoting mechanical growth instead of helping you grow in the intelligent way. From hole to a big, dark well (or hell)

In short, if you encounter any problem in life of any kind, look for the reason only in one place. Suppressed intelligence.

If you do not develop your intelligent mind, and receive small individual training, not only will you not get rid of the problems, but you will be trapped in the illusion of solving problems, and you will realize this when it is too late.

I will share with you some of the simplest and most common problems that have arisen due to the lack of intelligence growth.

Get Stuck in the illusion of superiority

Forming destructive and restrictive beliefs

Financial breakdowns

The illusion of knowledge

The illusion of growth

Not distinguishing the right courses from the wrong and destructive ones (for example, many people who attend yellow courses, I will explain more about these courses later.)

Very low accuracy in life that causes various financial, physical and psychological losses.

Very poor communication

Not knowing others correctly

Getting played by media

belief in disability

Losing great opportunities in life

Physical and mental problems

Not seeing many opportunities

Unwanted oppression of others (this is one of the biggest problems of our society)

Creating a context for social regression (a mechanical society doomed to regression. As long as you are living a mechanical life, you cannot object to problems)

And this is not one hundredth of the problems that arise from the lack of intelligence growth.

What will you achieve if you grow your intelligent mind?

And with the growth of intelligence, the most important achievement you get is the power to discover and solve the root of all problems.

The growth of intelligence has thousands of achievements. These include the growth of thinking power, maximum use of existing conditions, dominating living conditions, rapid growth of learning ability, elimination of mental and psychological limitations, creation of deep and lasting emotions, growth of social status, and many other benefits.

And the very important point is that if you specialize in anything and even reach high levels scientifically, intelligence is not something that can be achieved in the university and the path of specialization. Because your intelligence depends on your mental and intellectual skills. These skills are neither discovered nor taught. And in fact, expertise without intelligence will lead to your one-dimensional growth. Of course, this is a problem that many experts do not accept .they say that is it possible that we studied for years but did not take any steps for our own intelligence? And with this very word they prove that they are not intelligent. Only they do not know.

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